Wednesday, 20 March 2013

the wait is finally over

I have awaited the taste of an Indian mango ever since I arrive here in India. I heard they were amazing and I couldn’t wait to have one. On arrival in India and during our first meeting with our host one of the first questions we ask was when mango season is. Mango season is now! We have waited half our year for this pleasure and now the time has come.

Today I had my first Indian mango! And I can honestly say it was delicious!

Its Kyekue’s birthday tomorrow and we were out buying everything we needed for the party we are having with the girls; face paint, flowers, jewellery. We had to go to Gandhi road to buy the flowers. If you want Indian road then Gandhi road is the definition of that. It’s a tight squeeze of cows, motorbikes, autos and tons of people. The streets are lined with shops selling saris, fabrics, flowers, fruits, spices, bangles, jewels. It just beautiful and is by far my most favourite road in the whole of Ongole. The road just has an organised chaos and untidy perfection feel about it that I love.

Today we went to Gandhi road to buy flowers. As I wrote in my last post no Indian outfit is complete without flowers. A bit of jasmine in your hair makes you look beautiful as well as making you smell nice. The problem with shopping in India is that you go out with the intention of buying one thing and come back with huge amounts of other things. A good example of this is our shopping trip today we went to Gandhi road with the intention of buying flowers and we left with flowers and 4 mangoes.

They were so delicious and if you like mango you get in the average British supermarket then think again. You have tasted nothing! We gave one to our host and he said that these weren’t even the best mangos and we should wait for two more weeks. I can’t wait to taste the best because these were absolutely brilliant.

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