Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Alice the Camel had One Hump

Well my camel had two humps and I’m not going to lie it was rather uncomfortable. But it may have been my only time to get to ride one so I just went for it.

On New Year’s Day, me and Kyekue were sitting in our room relaxing to some tunes, after a long night the night before. We were called by some of the girls who were sitting n the balcony to come and look but they said a word in Telegu and we didn’t understand. I went onto the balcony and looked over to see some of the kids riding on a colourfully dressed camel. It was so strange to see one up close instead of just in a zoo and it was massive.

We were then called down to ride it and I was a bit nervous about it. Which is odd as it was a bit like riding a horse except a bit more uncomfortable. Kyekue was totally up for riding it but she said she had ridden one before. I really wanted a go but decided it would be better if me and Kyekue went together. Before I knew it I was being shoved up onto this camel and Jessica was thrown up with me. Then we started walking leaving Kyekue behind. And it wasn’t that bad. Though my bum started to ache after just a small distance ... I’m glad we only went the length of the road. We are planning on doing a whole camel trek through the desert in our bigger holidays, not sure how my bum will be after that. 
Me on the camel, camel looking grumpy, me looking scared

I’m sorry this is late.. I will also be posting my January holiday blog soon so keep a look out

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